Who is Aces?

I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to our staff here at Aces Stables and Racing. We finally got everyone together (and mostly clothed!) for a picture and it turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

From right to left in the picture is:

Jay Carson, Owner of Aces – Jay pretty much lets us do what we want (and let’s face it, Neris and I would pitch a fit if he didn’t 😉 ) he humors us with prims, only groans a little when the parcel gets full, supports us and has encouraged us to keep pushing to make Aces bigger and better for everyone.  He also frequently (ok only sometimes) gets pushed off the platforms, hidden in a box or posed in precarious situations – yes that was a tutu he was wearing on that tricycle tyvm – and all with a smile and a great sense of humor! Now if we could only find him a shirt Oo

Neris Damien – my sissy!  Neris has taught me so much about breeding and about the horses. We’ve been through some real junk together but always come out on the other side stronger than before. She breeds amazing horses with her speciality in her awesome Clydesdales, Paints, Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses – as well as a few more breeds that keep popping up like spare socks in the laundry basket.  She is the force behind ABC Exclusive Equine and we work together hard to make it a great place for anyone to come sell or buy horses. If you’re looking for great bloodlines, hit her up – she’s been doing this longer than I care to even count and knows her stuff inside and out!

Jake Raines – The guys at Aces seem to get a good bit of abuse and Jake is no exception but always takes it in stride (still apologizing for dumping him in the lake in his tuxedo when I deleted that platform but hey… someone’s gotta do it 😉 )  Jake is well known for his line of Drums and his American Standardbred breeding. Simply an awesome guy with a great sense of humor and always up for a laugh. He went to his very first Horse World Show Jumping Competition on Tuesday night and did FABULOUS on a horse he named… *sigh*  Tater Beast Cannonball.. but hey Tater surprised us all and we are very proud of them both!!

Jessa Alberti – Me.. for the less intuned :)  I specialize in Mustangs as they are my first true breeding program but also have Thoroughbreds, Drums, Barbs and a plethora of other stuff I really have no idea what to do with (story of my life).  Neris and I work on the ABC Exclusive Equine Auction every Sunday and you can typically find us either doing research for the auction, practicing on the course or horse shopping (sshhh don’t tell Jay).  I really enjoy meeting people and going around to see what everyone else has going on in their breeding programs.

The second picture is my dear and very old friend Sol. We met long long time ago in Warcraft and have never looked back. He set up our website, is the sexy DJ voice you hear on the hotline when you call Ace’s and an awesome friend – kid brother – major pain in the butt all rolled into one. I don’t tell him this often but Sol.. I luffs jooooo!!  :)  (He’s also a bit of a noob in SL so if you see him around go gentle, I’m not sure he’s figured out the attachments yet LOL )

Any of us are always happy to help where we can and love doing things with our horses which is why you will see us around at the shows and anywhere fun is found.  Hit us up sometime online – we love to chat!  I promise I won’t dump you in the lake … well I’ll try not to anyway >.>

Have a great Wednesday everyone!